Saba Health Supervisory Board
Hospital On Saba - Dutch Caribbean
The Saba Health Care Foundation is an autonomous non-governmental organization consisting of two boards; the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors.

The responsibility for the daily management lies upon the Board of Directors while the responsibility of the Supervisory Board spans supervising the Board of Directors and the general affairs. Supports the Board of Directors and functions as its sounding board.

Supervisory Board
Chairman of SHCF Supervisory Board - Mr. Sydney Sorton
Mr. Sydney Sorton
Since 28 October 2010
Vice-Chairman of SHCF Supervisory Board - Mr. Richard Scholten
Mr. Richard Scholten
Since 1 August 2011

Mrs. Lies Levestone-Timmermans  

Mrs. Lies Levestone-Timmermans
Since 21 May 2016

Mr. Theodorus Jolles
Since 21 May 2016

Board of Directors
Board Member of SHCF Supervisory Board - Mrs. Wilma Hassel

Dr. Joka Blaauboer
Since 14 December 2009

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