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SHCF Care TeamOur two Island Physicians provide general practitioner care and hospital care. They are registered General Practitioners with a degree in Tropical Medicine. Both are Intermediate as well as (partial) Advanced Life Support certified and practice according to Dutch General Practitioner Standards.

Minor surgical and gynecologic procedures are done by our medical staff in the A.M. Edwards Medical Center.

Our Clinic has an appointment based clinic. For more information visit Appointments & Contact.

We have two state of the art ambulances and a fully equipped Emergency Room. X-Ray with digital phosphor reader and a modern Ultra Sound machine are available; the results can be sent to a specialist elsewhere for review.

Our emergency team consists of admission nurses, ambulance drivers, laboratory staff, nurse supervisors (Intermediate Life Support certified) and physicians. The team is available 24/7 for emergency patients.

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Emergency Numbers:
Medical: 911 - 416 3288 #1
Fire: 911 - 416 7477
Police: 911 - 416 3737