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Saba Health Care Foundation (S.H.C.F)
Dr. Joka Blauboer M.D. - Director of The Saba Health Care Foundation
The Saba Health Care Foundation is the health care institute on the island of Saba.

As a nonprofit organization on Saba, the smallest island of the Dutch Caribbean, we aim to provide the best possible care as efficiently as possible. We seek to achieve these goals by directing a health care facility and working together with other health institutions in the region and beyond.

Our mission:
To provide comprehensive care of exceptional quality through a variety of healing disciplines to all people on Saba.

Our vision:
Be a forerunner in setting a standard of delivering general practitioner care and hospital care combined and provide integrated health care linking a large diversity of health care chains.

Ensure accessible health care on island working in close collaboration with health care providers in and outside of the region.

Be a patient centered organization striving to provide the best possible service to patients and those close to them, working with compassion and courtesy in a positive work environment where staff can develop to their full capacity and show commitment to the health of Saba.

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Emergency Numbers:
Medical: 911 - 416 3288 #1
Fire: 911 - 416 7477
Police: 911 - 416 3737