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The clinic of the A.M. Edwards Medical Center is appointment based. For more information about how to make an appointment and to see our clinic schedule please visit Appointments & Contact.

Clinic preparations
To make your visit to our clinic as smooth and efficient as possible we ask you to please come prepared. Remember to bring:
Your medical insurance card (ZVK insurance card is your Saba ID card)
A valid identity document (ID card, passport, driving license or residence permit)
A referral letter if required
An overview of your prescription medicine.
Your reading glasses, in case you have one (Driving License Test)
Do you have an appointment at the Youth Care Clinic please remember to bring your child’s vaccination booklet

In order to reduce the waiting time for all our patients we appreciate it if you are on time. All your questions can be directed to your specialist or physician. To make sure that you do not forget anything, we advise you to write down the questions in advance. It is also important that you indicate if you previously have been sick, if you are undergoing medical treatments and if you are using any (prescription) medicine.

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Visiting Specialists  
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Emergency Numbers:
Medical: 911 - 416 3288 #1
Fire: 911 - 416 7477
Police: 911 - 416 3737