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Medivac by Helicopter - Saba Dutch CaribbeanAre you in immediate need of emergency care?
Our emergency team is ready to help 24/7.

Emergency Numbers for Medical Care:
Emergency Service Dutch Caribbean:

Emergency Line
A.M. Edwards Medical Center:

+599 416 3288 Ext. 1
Emergency Mobile Phone A.M. Edwards Medical Center:
+599 416 6644

The emergency room of the Saba Health Care Foundation is located at the A.M. Edwards Medical Center. The entrance is on ground level at Paris Hill Road.

The entrance is locked between 8 pm and 7 am however staff is on site 24/7 and will open the door for you. The Emergency room of the A.M. Edwards Medical center is well equipped for the treatment of cardiac emergencies, uncomplicated fractures, trauma and other emergency patients; severe trauma is stabilized and emergency transport to St. Maarten is arranged.

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Emergency Numbers:
Medical: 911 - 416 3288 #1
Fire: 911 - 416 7477
Police: 911 - 416 3737