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Practical Information
This section of our website contains practical information for patients and visitors of the A.M. Edwards Medical Center. Information such as visiting hours, preparations for your visit, house rules and other frequently asked questions.

Do you have a question or need assistance, feel free to ask one of our employees. You can recognize our employees via their uniform.

Clinic preparations


Prescription Renewals

Blood tests

Visiting Hours & Policy

Rights & Responsibilities

Admission preparations

Religious Counselling

House Rules


Patient Safety


Clinic preparations

To make your visit to our clinic as smooth and efficient as possible we ask you to please come prepared. Remember to bring:
Your medical insurance card (ZVK insurance card is your Saba ID card)
A valid identity document (ID card, passport, driving license or residence permit)
A referral letter if required
An overview of your prescription medicine
Your reading glasses, in case you have any (Driving Licence Test)
Do you have an appointment at the Youth Care Clinic please remember to bring your child’s vaccination booklet

In order to reduce the waiting time for all our patients we appreciate it if you are on time. All your questions can be directed to your specialist or physician. To make sure that you do not forget anything, we advise you to write down the questions in advance. It is also important that you indicate if you previously have been sick, if you are undergoing medical treatments and if you are using any (prescription) medicine.

Blood tests
The laboratory of the A.M. Edwards Medical Center provides medical lab testing for our patients. Most tests are handled on a walk-in basis but please keep in mind that you need a referral from your physician.

You can eat and drink as normal before some blood tests. In other cases you will be instructed not to eat or drink (other than water) before your test. This is known as a fasting blood test. You may also be told not to drink alcohol or not to smoke before your test.

Some patients are unable to visit the laboratory due to their illness or disability. In these cases we provide home blood tests to our patients after consulting with the physician.

If you have any questions about your blood test, please ask your physician, specialist, or laboratory technician.

Admission preparations

You will be admitted for a day (part) or a number of days in the A.M. Edwards Medical Center. Here you will find information about your stay and how you can prepare. Being admitted can be stressful for some people, but our aim is to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

What you need to bring:
A valid identity document (ID card, passport, driving license or residence permit)
All your medication – both prescribed by your own physician and anything else you take regularly
Essential accessories such as your glasses, hearing aid, walker, cane, wheelchair or scooter
Day and nightwear, dressing gown, slippers, socks, extra underwear, slippers for the shower wash bag and toiletries
Your diet list, if you have one
A book, game, magazines, writing material or other entertainment
Name and contact number of a family member or close friend who we can contact for you if necessary.

What we ask you not to bring:
Large amounts of money
Jewellery, valuables, and credit cards

We encourage you to leave valuables such as large sums of money, jewellery and other valuables at home. We cannot accept any liability for loss, damage or theft of money, jewelry or other personal property.

On admission in the ward a nurse will complete all admission documentation with you.

This admission process may involve:
Taking some personal details
Taking a brief medical history
Documenting any medication you may take and any allergies you have.
Checking your vitals such as; pulse, blood pressure and temperature
Asking you for a urine sample

During the admission process the nurse will ask you who your care contact will be. Your care contact will be the contact person for our medical staff and it is important for this person to be present during the consults with the physician. Every patient is entitled to one care contact. The care contact is able to visit the patient 24/7. Your care contact will be able to inform all your friends and relatives inquiring about you and coordinate a visiting schedule suitable for you and the medical center.

The ward of the A.M. Edwards Medical Center has 4 patient rooms; a three-person male ward, a three-person female ward and two private rooms. Most of our patients will stay in the three-person rooms. Patients will only be submitted into private rooms based on medical requirement and availability. All the rooms are equipped with a television and books are available for your entertainment.


A proper diet can help exhilarate the healing process. The kitchen staff from the Honorary Henry Every Home of the Aged spent great care into the preparation of the meals for our patients. Our admission nurses provide the patients with snacks, water, coffee, tea and juices.

Patients can have meals provided by their visitors however we do recommend to follow the diet instructions from the physician at all times. Please check with the care team before bringing a meal.

Visiting Hours & Policy

Our daily visiting hours are between 11 am – 1 pm & 4 pm – 8 pm
In order for our patients to have sufficient rest during their stay, and to have a speedy recovery, please abide by our visiting hours.

We would also seek your cooperation in abiding by the following:
Please refrain from visiting patients if you are not feeling well, e.g if you have symptoms such as fever, cough or cold
Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand rub before and after visiting patients in the hospital
Sometimes our medical staff requires visitors to come back at a different time, due to the condition of the patient or medical procedure, even during visiting hours. We ask you to understand and cooperate when this occurs
Every patient is entitled to one care contact. The care contact is able to visit the patient 24/7. The care contact will be able to inform all friends and relatives inquiring about the patient and coordinate a visiting schedule suitable for the patient and the medical center
Religious Counselling

You are welcome to arrange for a religious counsellor to visit and/or pray for you while you are admitted into the medical center. Please inform your care team if you are expecting a religious counsellor to visit.

If you need help in finding a religious counsellor on Saba please let us know. The foundation will endeavour to assist in the best possible way.

Patient safety
When in the medical center you deal with different caregivers and departments. This requires coordination and cooperation on our side which we try to do as best as possible. However not everything always goes to plan. It is our responsibility to recognize risks and to make higher risk procedures as safe as possible. Transparency is very important for this. We therefore report incidents which are not up to the standard we use. We call this Safe Incident Reporting, also known as VIM (Veilig Incidenten Melden). Any VIM-report will be analyzed regularly within our organization. They help us make improvements and to provide the care our patients deserve.

You can also make an important contribution to patient safety. For example, take someone with you to your appointment: two sets of ears are better than one. Write down any questions you might have for your physician or specialist in advance, this way you cannot forget them during your visit. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions or to remind your care provider of something, we are here to provide care for you.

Prescription Renewals
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Rights & Responsibilities
The Saba Health Care Foundation’s mission, key values and commitment are directed to the delivery of healthcare of the highest quality and putting patients first. We have outlined your rights and responsibilities when you use our services. Knowing and understanding your rights and responsibilities will make your relationship with our healthcare providers a mutually beneficial one. All our staff will strive to make your stay or visit a pleasant and comfortable one.

Our objectives:
To provide patients with quality healthcare
We strive to provide you with quality healthcare through dedicated employees whose prime objective is to safeguard your well being and treat your medical condition.
All medical decisions and recommendations on your treatment are made after careful deliberations and taking into account all available information and facts concerning your condition.

To treat all patients with dignity and respect
You shall receive considerate, respectful, appropriate and cost effective medical care regardless of your age, gender, race, nationality, sexuality, nationality, religion, social status, physical or mental abilities.
The foundation endeavours to respect your emotional, social, spiritual and cultural needs. You may express your spiritual beliefs and cultural practices and we endeavour to have them respected within the course of your care and treatment. This freedom of expression is permissible so long as the act does not cause disturbance or harm to others.
You and your care contact will be informed of the medical treatment which you will receive and you can accept or refuse medical care or recommended treatment to the extent permitted by law. In doing so you have to accept the responsibility for any medical consequences resulting from your decision.
You have the right to leave the medical center against advice of your physician, unless otherwise stated by law or you have a certain diseases or are in legal custody. If you choose to do so, the Saba Health Care Foundation and physicians will not be held responsible for any medical consequences pertaining to your health thereafter. You will be required to sign a release waver that will discharge the foundation from any responsibilities.

To be transparent about the patients care team.
You are entitled to know the name of the physician and the names and roles of other care team members in charge of your care and treatment.

To maintain privacy and confidentiality of patients’ medical records, condition and treatment.
You will be interviewed, examined and treated in surroundings which provide the best possible privacy.
You are entitled to have your medical record read only by individuals involved in your care or by individuals who are monitoring the quality of your care. All information and records regarding your care will be kept confidential.
You can obtain a copy of your medical record.
 All employees working for the foundation are bound by a legal duty of confidence to protect personal information they may come into contact with during the course of their work. Any breach of confidentiality is a disciplinary offence, which could result in dismissal or termination of labour agreement, and must be reported.

To provide explanation, education and counselling to patients and address their questions.
You will be told about your medical condition, planned treatment and expected results in a way you can understand.
You will be informed of the care needed after discharge.
Feel free to ask any question you may have and our employees will endeavour to answer you to the best of their abilities.

To provide a channel for patient’s compliments, suggestions and complaints.
The foundation appreciates feedback on areas we can improve. We also appreciate your compliments if your experience has been a pleasant one. And the foundation had a complaint policy and officer in place in case you have a complaint. More information can be found here (ß link to feedback section)

Patient and visitor responsibilities
Provision of information
we expect you to:
Provide complete and accurate information about your health, including present condition, past illnesses, hospitalisation, medication and any other matters pertaining to your health that your care team should be aware of.
Provide complete and accurate personal information including your full name, address, contact numbers and date of birth where necessary.
Ask questions if you do not understand the diagnosis or your treatment plan. You and your care contact are responsible for indicating to the care team whether you clearly understand what is expected.
Communicate changes in your health and/or condition.

Following the physicians recommended treatment plan.

we expect you to:
Participate actively in your treatment including decision-making regarding your treatment plans. This includes taking your medication and keeping to diets and follow-up appointments.
Inform your care team of any obstacles which you may face in complying with the prescribed treatment plan.
Take responsibility for any consequences if you refuse medical treatment or leave the medical center against medical advice.

Respect and consideration for others
you and your visitors are required to:
Abiding by all Saba Health Care Foundation rules and regulations pertaining to patients and visitors.
Treat all foundation employees, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect.
Keep to your appointment time. If you are unable to do so, notify us in advance.
Respect the privacy of other patients.
Be responsible for the safekeeping of your own valuables and personal possessions.
Treat the foundations properties and facilities with due care and responsibility.

House rules
The Saba Health Care Foundation has established a number of house rules and codes of conduct for employees, patients and visitors. The following rules apply to all of us.

For your patient record and for our ZVK insured patients we require an ID card. During your visit to our hospital, we may ask you to provide us with a valid identification document such as ID card, passport, driving license or residency permit. Children should also be able to identify themselves. Children older than fourteen years of age must have their own proof of identity. Children under fourteen years of age can also be registered in the passport of the parent.

All the buildings of the Saba Health Care Foundation are smoke free and have not been equipped with a smoking facility. It is however permitted to smoke outside. We kindly ask you not to smoke near doors and windows to prevent disturbance to our patients and employees.

Cell phones
The use of cell phones is permitted for our patients and visitors however we do ask you to consider your surroundings and use them in a respectful and discreet manner.

Our employees may require you to stop using your mobile device if necessary. We ask you for your cooperation and understanding when this occurs.

Code of conduct
The buildings of the Saba Health Care Foundation are public buildings where everyone is welcome. We have a few basic rules which are very important within our organization:
Everybody shall be respectful to each other.
Safety of our patients, visitors and employees are our main priority

It is not allowed to:
Cause inconvenience to patients
T o use violence (verbal and/or physical)
Threaten or intimidate someone sexually
To steal or destroy belongings of employees, visitors or patients
To use drugs

We do not allow inappropriate behaviour. Someone who breaks the rules shall be made aware. Threats or theft by patients or their visitors, shall be reported to the police. Patients or visitors who have been threatened or stolen from are encouraged to report this to the police. Persons who repeatedly behave in conflict with the standards described above, will be asked to leave our premises.

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