Visiting Specialists
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Visiting Specialists
To make an appointment with one of the Zorgverzekeringskantoor BES (ZVK) visiting specialists please contact our clinic nurses at +599 416 3288 option 3 on weekdays between 7:30 am and 5 pm.

You need a referral from your local physician before you can make an appointment with the visiting specialist.

Please be advised that this schedule is not definite and is subject to change. We will do our best to keep the information on this schedule as up to date as possible. In case of questions, please contact our clinic.

Visiting Specialist from Zorgverzekeringskantoor BES (ZVK) *Schedule:

Specialist: Field: Date:
Ms. Jevinne Nordhof Pedorthist Jan 8th - 9th
Mr. Javier Liseur Orthopedics Jan 10th - 11th
Karen Eusebius Dietitian Jan 11th
Ms. Marelva Solomon Podiatrist Jan 11th - 12th
Dr. Marco Occupational Dr Jan 16th
Nurse Suzette Diabetic Clinic Jan 18th
Mr. Javier Liseur Orthopedics Jan 24th - 25th
Karen Eusebius Dietitian Jan 25th
*Last updated 12th of January 2018
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Visiting Specialists
Visiting Specialists  
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