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I Love My Body Program - Saba
“I Love My Body” is a healthy lifestyle promotion program of the Saba Health Care Foundation and the Island Government of Saba.

The “I Love My Body” program helps you to learn about how healthy eating, more exercise and psychological factors influence your ability to get and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The program was initially started as an internal program for employees of the Saba Health Care Foundation in 2013. In the year 2014 the program was opened up to the public with great success. The participants felt better, lost weight and exercised more. A lot of the participants kept up with the positive lifestyle adjustments they made also when the program concluded.

“I Love My Body” is not a diet, it’s a program that helps you make long-term changes to your diet and physical activity to result in a healthier lifestyle. The key to success is making realistic changes to your diet and level of physical activity and make them a part of your daily routine. A healthy lifestyle has a big input on your health. Eating healthy and exercise will not only help you lose weight, it will also reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol. It also reduces glucose tolerance which means it decreases the risk of diabetes and if you have diabetes it reduces the need for insulin or tablets. Joint pains and back pain can reduce due to weight loss which doesn’t only improve your health but also greatly improves your psychological wellbeing. Abdominal problems like gas, constipation, reflux and abdominal pain can disappear and it can improve your fertility.

In 2015 the attention for psychological factors and how they influence the ability to get and maintain ahealthy lifestyle were added to the program. Negative thinking leads to poor planning and goal setting,this leads to a negative outcome, which eventually will result in failure and more negative thinking. Participants will be provided with tools to recognize negative thinking and tools to think positive to prevent getting stuck in a negative cycle.

“I Love My Body” is in cooperation with the “BodyFit” program from the Physical Therapist department. Next to exercise guidance during the “I Love My Body” information sessions, “Body Fit” offers a weekly workout session consisting of basic exercises which will help you feel stronger, energized, balanced and fit for day to day activities. Whether you have experience or not, “Body Fit” will provide you the tools to maintain control over your fitness level and decrease any level of discomfort.

“Body Fit” is a continuous program which is free to attend every Wednesday from 4-5pm in St. Johns Gym.

Program for 2015

“I Love My Body” 2015 will begin on the 3rd of February and will continue for 12 weeks, every Tuesday afternoon from 4pm until 5pm in the Ambulance Bay of the A.M. Edwards Medical Center. The 1 hour sessions are free of charge and welcome for everyone to join.

Your host will be Dr. Gina Boorsma, Island physician. Physical Therapist Mrs. Tjitske “Jess” Vasilev is your “BodyFit” host and will be a guest speaker at “I Love My Body”. Guest speaker Mrs. Suchita Peeters will focus on our psychological wellbeing and how this is linked to your physical wellbeing.

This Year's Latest Downloads
I Love My Body 2015 Achievement Tracker
I Love My Body 2015 week 1
I Love My Body 2015 week 2
I Love My Body 2015 week 3
I Love My Body 2015 week 4
I Love My Body 2015 week 5
I Love My Body 2015 week 6
I Love My Body 2015 week 7
I Love My Body 2015 week 8
I Love My Body 2015 week 9
I Love My Body 2015 week 10
I Love My Body 2015 week 11
I Love My Body 2015 week 12

February 3 Introduction
Goal setting
February 10 Fiber
Filling or feeding: Emotional or stomach hunger
February 17 Breakfast
Food Labels
February 24 Cravings, snacks & diet traps
Boost your condition (cardio exercise)
March 3 Think before you drink
March 10

Weight loss pitfalls

March 17 Take away and dining out
Changing your focus: Positive thoughts
March 24 Veggies and fruit
De-stress your body
March 31

Break through the Barriers and food swaps
Exercise in changing the way you think

April 7 Weight loss plateau
Mobility & flexibility
April 14 Keep the weight off
Exercises to prevent discomfort and disease
April 21 Recap
Move together

The weekly “I Love My Body” booklets are available for Download.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I joined "I Love My Body" last year, can I still join this year?
A: Yes, there will be new subject matters and presentations every year which will make the program interesting and useful also for the ones who attended earlier.

Q: Is "I Love My Body" only for people who want to lose weight?
A: No, “I Love My Body” is not a diet; it’s a program which helps you make long-term changes to your diet and physical activity to result in a healthier lifestyle. This can be useful for people with obesity, but also for people who want to reduce smoking or drinking. “I Love My Body” is not just for people with sicknesses like diabetes or hypertension but also for everybody who want to invest in physical and emotional health.

Q: Is “I Love My Body” for women only?
A: No, “I Love My Body”, is for men and women, young and old, sick or healthy. Children can attend as well. Everybody who wants to know about a healthy lifestyle and wants to work on physical or psychological wellbeing is welcome.

Q: Is it a problem if I cannot attend all meetings?
A: No, every week there will be a short recap of the previous week. The information of every session will be handed out in a booklet at every meeting. This booklet will also be available in the waiting room of the A.M. Edwards Medical Center and on our website.

You are welcome to join one session or all session. Part of the strength of the program is the group feeling. The group motivates each other. From previous years we know that coming regular to the meetings contributes to the success. This is why we do recommend you to attend as many meetings as you possibly can.

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