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Suggestion Box at the reception of the A.M. Edwards Medical Centre Saba
Do you have a compliment, complaint or suggestion? Please tell us. We use your experience to improve our care.

The Saba Health Care Foundation has installed three feedback boxes:
A.M. Edwards Medical Center – Clinic Desk/Waiting area
A.M. Edwards Medical Center – ER waiting area
Saba Health Care Administration Building – Waiting area

Suggestions and compliments
We do our utmost best to provide you with the best possible care and service when visiting the Saba Health Care Foundation. We want your experience and your stay to be as pleasant as possible. Therefore we want to hear from you if you have any suggestions or tips.

And of course we love to hear from you when you have a compliment as well. Feel free to give your compliment directly to the department or person about whom you are satisfied. Management is not always around to see the extra mile our staff went for you. Inform us so we can tell our staff how much they are appreciated. Even the smallest compliment can bring the biggest smile to a person’s face.

Suggestion Box Saba Health Care
If you have a complaint, we want you to report it to us. Only then can the problem can be resolved. We encourage you to discuss the complaint directly with the person you hold responsible for the origin of the complaint. This can be any health care provider or employee of the foundation. Together with this staff member or supervisor, you can discuss what you think went wrong and what you can do together to solve it.

If you find it difficult to discuss your complaint directly with the person or department head we urge you to seek the assistance of the foundations’ Complaint Officer. The complaint officer can mediate a conversation between you and the employee in question, and will work together with you to come to a positive conclusion of the complaint.

You can voice your complaint to the complaint officer via phone, e-mail, over the internet or in a personal conversation. If you would like to know more about how to file a complaint, please read our complaint resolution policy We ask you to use our complaint form when filing an official complaint to ensure that all required information is provided. The form is available at the feedback boxes, online and from the complaint officer.

Complaint Officer:
Mrs. Hanneke Magee
+599 416 3288 Ext. 233

Complaint Committee
If via the Health Care providers own complaint policy the complaint is not sufficiently solved or not solved at all or if the complainant is not comfortable addressing the issue with the complaint officer or management of the institution, the Complaint Committee is the next step.

You can submit your complaint in writing to the Complaints Committee. This is an independent interisland committee with a formal method, aimed at improving quality established to address complaints from patients, clients and caregivers from healthcare providers on St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba.

The Complaint Committee will review the complaint and review if it is well-founded. The focus of the Complaint Committee is to have a formal and fair process without bias and to achieve quality improvement with the Health Care provider.

The Complaint Committee can be reached via:

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